Genetics e-Learning Modules

Client: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus, Genetics Department

Challenge: To relate classical and molecular genetics concepts taught in the medical school classroom to the genetic information applied in the clinical setting.


  • Collaborated with subject matter experts (the Genetics discipline chair and a genetic counselor) to create three interactive Genetics case scenarios for first-year medical students. Topics include Prenatal Genetics, Oncology Genetics, and Autism.
  • Designed modules in Articulate Storyline and distributed them to the students through an online LMS (learning management system).
  • Presented the case scenarios using mock physician reports, test results, and patient’s pedigree.
  • Incorporated branching scenarios, taking the learner down various paths to different endings.
  • Asked knowledge-based questions throughout each scenario, allowing the learner to self-assess his or her understanding of the important concepts. Students received immediate feedback after choosing an answer, confirming the correct answer or explaining why their choice was incorrect.
  • Utilized a variety of interactive question types, including multiple choice and drag-and-drop ranking.
  • Linked to outside resources (industry standard documents) to help students throughout the module.
  • Corresponding research project, “Case Studies to Align Block 1 Genetics Course Objectives to Clinical Situations” won 1st place in the Faculty-Education poster category at 2015 VCOM Research Day.

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