Allergy Center Postcards

Allergy Season Postcards

Client: The Allergy Center of Spartanburg & Greer Ear, Nose and Throat

Challenge: To advertise the Allergy Center of Spartanburg & Greer ENT to both patients and referring physicians through a direct mail campaign.


  • Brainstormed allergy-related taglines that corresponded to the winter and spring seasons.
  • Designed a set of six full-color postcards with front and back designs that reflect the business’s visual branding strategy.
  • Collaborated with a subject matter expert (an allergy nurse) to write the informative copy on the back. Created two different versions of the text to target two different audiences: patients and referring physicians.
  • Illustrated each of the messages with modern, lifestyle photographs.
  • Prepared files for printing and mailing.

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